This is Nissan X-Trail technology

Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Technology and driving aids that transport you to other worlds.

Vista aérea tres cuartos de Nissan X-Trail con tecnología Nissan Intelligent Mobility Frenado Inteligente de Emergencia con Detección de Peatones. INTELLIGENT EMERGENCY BRAKING WITH PEDESTRIAN DETECTION

Nissan ProPILOT

Push a button, set the speed and distance of your journey and ProPILOT will make your road trips more bearable. ProPILOT supports you with acceleration and braking, as well as lane keeping for smooth and safe journeys.

Vista trasera en formato vertical de Nissan X-Trail con tecnología Nissan Intelligent Mobility ProPILOT Assist que brinda asistencia en la conducción.

Intelligent Emergency Braking**

Using radar technology, the system detects the risk of a collision with the vehicle in front and alerts the driver with audible and visual warnings to brake to avoid the hazard. It also reduces speed if necessary.

Blind Spot Warning

If the system detects another vehicle in the blind spot, an indicator appears on the driver or passenger door pillar and on the Nissan Drive Assist® Display.