When thousands of strangers unite in glowing domes to cheer, cry, and occasionally punch each other over a goal or a drum solo, arenas are some of the most electric places in the world. Millions of fans visit the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam every year. They come to see their favourite artists or watch their home team, the Ajax football club, give their all on the pitch.

Like most modern arenas, instant replays and high notes blare from jumbotrons, hot oil bubbles in fryers, and kegs are dispensed to thirsty fans. Unlike other arenas of its kind, the Johan Cruijff ArenA offsets this power consumption with the largest energy storage system in a commercial building in all of Europe. 

Energy storage system

"We're putting our electric ecosystem at the heart of a sustainable future, transforming the way we drive and the way we live."

– Francisco Carranza, Managing Director of Nissan Energy

The Power of Stored Energy

The equivalent of 148 Nissan LEAF batteries was repurposed to create this massive storage system and make this milestone possible. In fitting minima Server error

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